WEC’s Principal for a Day program is an opportunity for leaders from a wide range of business, government, and non-profit organizations to experience firsthand the demands and rewards of  being a principal. After spending a morning on the job, they have a deeper sense of how education works in the Worcester Public Schools.

Principal for a Day matches civic leaders one on one with a Worcester public school principal; they visit the school and spend time with the staff and students. Afterwards, they gather for a luncheon to share their experiences.



Che Anderson was Principal for a Day this year at Burncoat Preparatory Academy where he read to students and met with the principal, Deborah Catamero


It was an amazing experience,” said one Principal for a Day.



Definitely an eye opener,” said another.

Several Principals for a Day noted the dedication, passion and commitment of the teachers and staff at the schools they visited. Many saw firsthand the challenges of educating students for whom English is a second language (in Worcester’s public schools, 90 languages are spoken)

WEC’s  goal is for the principals from the community to gain a new understanding of education in Worcester’s public schools as well as the demands and rewards of educational leadership in the urban environment of a Gateway City.


Here is what other Principals for a Day say about the program

It was a pleasure sharing and learning each other’s role in the community. We always make valuable connections and discover ways to open more doors for our students.
— Deborah Catamero, Principal, Burncoat Preparatory School
Thank you for continuing to help us in creating, maintaining, and strengthening relationships between schools and communities. It is much appreciated.
— Yeu Keu, Principal, Cityview Elementary School
Thank you for organizing the principal for a day program. It is important for our community leaders to see what is happening in our schools in order to gain perspective. I think there is a lot of speculation about what happens but to hear and see the real story carries so much weight.
— Luke Roberts, Principal, May Street School