Are you looking for ideas to help your children keep learning while having fun this summer? WEC developed a guide for the Worcester Parks summer program; page through and find lots of good ideas!

The program includes the following week headings


Week 1: Where in the Woo are You
Week 2: Urban Inventors
Week 3: Read Between the Signs (Spy Week)
Week 4: Worcester’s Got Talent
Week 5: Worcester Goes Green
Week 6: Mad Scientists
Week 7: Old School Week
Week 8: Potpourri



Download the weekly guides below

Week 1
Where in the Woo are You

Week 5
Worcester Goes Green

Week 2
Urban Inventors

Week 6
Mad Scientists

Week 3
Read Between the Signs

Week 7
Old School Week

Week 4
Worcester’s Got Talent

Week 8




Developed and Compiled by Sadie Hazelkorn and Tianli Kilpatrick
Copyright Worcester Education Collaborative